Leroy Somer

Leroy Somer

Leroy Somer

Nidec Leroy-Somer is a world leader in electromechanical and electronic drive systems and the world leader in industrial alternators. Founded in 1919, Leroy-Somer is a French company employing 6200 people in 28 production units and 470 points of sale and service worldwide.

In 2017 Leroy-Somer joined the Nidec Corporation. They are now part of operations in over 40 countries, connected to approximately 300 companies who employ over 110,000 people. Nidec’s vision is to be the world’s number 1 for everything that spins and moves. From small precision to supersized motors; they create next-generation drive technology for an interconnected world.

Leroy-Somer Products: Induction Motors, DC Motors, Brake Motors, Synchronous Reluctance Permanent Magnet Motors, Servo Motors, Gearboxes - Geared Motors, Electronic Controllers & Starters, AC Drives, DC Drives. European Electronics stocks and supplies Leroy-Somer Products, Top quality with Warranty and fast delivery.

Leroy-Somer products are used in a variety of industries including Automotive, Chemical Industry, Electric Forklifts, Electric Vehicles, Elevators, Food & Beverage, Harbour Cranes, Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Marine, Material Handling, Mining, Oil and Gas, Servo & Robotics, Rail, Sugar Industry, Water / Fluid / Waste Treatment, Wind Turbines

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#Part NumberDescription 
#1LS132S1DPHoist Motor View
#2VarmecaLeroy Somer Varmeca DC Drive View
#3VMV330530Kw INVERTER View
#4FMV 2306 40T30kw Inverter View
#5DMV2016Leroy-Somer 220/380V 16A DC Drive View
#6UMV4301 22TLeroy Somer UMV4301 15KW Inverter View
#7SP140640/55kw unidrive inverter View
#8TTCRV3108Leroy Somer 78 Amp DC Drive View
#9DMV2322-155A155A dc drive View
#10UMV4301 15TLeroy Somer UMV4301 22KW Inverter View
#11FMV2306AS11TLeroy Summer 75kw inverter View
#12VE00ALeroy Summer DC Drive Card View
#13MFB132M03Leroy Somer DC Motor View
#14UMV4301 11TLeroy Somer 75KW Drive View
#15SKBD200110Leroy Somer 11KW Digidrive Inverter View
#16STV2313Leroy Somer 86 Amp Soft Start View
#17CF29PR 60/4Leroy Somer Motor View
#18FMV2304 55TLeroy Somer FMV2304 4Kw Inverter View
#19VARMCAR110Inverter View
#20UMV 4301 35T22Kw Unidrive View
#21LSMV90LTmotor View
#22FMV230745TLeroy Somer FMV2307 480V 3Kw Inverter View
#23LSMV80LLeroy Somer motor and gearbox View
#24LSK1604M10Leroy Somer Motor 440v 109k/w View
#25DMV 2342-45ALeroy Somer DMV 2342 Inverter View
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