Founded in Italy in 1946, IME are well known for designing and manufacturing measuring instruments. Production is divided into Analogue, Electronic and Transformer divisions. The IME application fields are: electric measurement, protection, energy management and industrial automation.

European Electronics stocks and supplies IME Products with fast delivery
• Relays
• Transducers
• Transformers
• Energy Meters
• Switches
• Analogue Meters

The Quality Management System of IME has been declared conforming to UNI EN ISO 9001, 1994 edition already on 18/03/1997. The continuous updating of the procedures adopted and the organization of business processes has enabled the Quality Management System to be up to date, following the evolutions that the standard has had over time to meet the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 compliance requirements.

The most recent addition to IME range is the Nemo 96 HDL retrofit. This new product is designed for integration in existing plants for measuring systems in a quick and efficient way. It is hoped that this product would reduce the costs of possible future plant shutdowns.

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#Part NumberDescription 
#1ANK251D300NP2E AMP AC 76x58 3000/5A View
#2ANL211A500NP3E AMP CA 94x73 5/1A View
#3ANL60D1002NP3M AMP CC 94x73 60mV 1000A View
#4ANTN3333AL 96MI ISOL 120Vcc 200kohm MIN/MAX A230V View
#5ANT111D10044AL 96AC AMP CA 1000/1A 2AL MAX A240V View
#6ANT151C16032AL 96AC AMP CA 160/5A 2AL MIN/MAX A115V View
#7ANT4DDC30043AL 96AC VOLT CA DIR 300V 2AL MAX A230V View
#8TA32750C400TA327 TA D.27mm-32,5x10,5mm 400/5A View
#9AN12D2B1501RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR DIR 15A 2In View
#10AN1211D1252RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR-ANT 1250/1A View
#11AN1215A5002RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR-ANT 5/1A 5In View
#12AN1251C120RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 120/5A View
#13AN1252C8003RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 IP54 800/5A 2In View
#14AN1255E1001RQ48E AMP CA 48x48 TR 10000/5A 5In View
#15AN151111113RQ48E VOLT CA 48x48 IP54 100V DA TV View
#16AN161D60023RQ48M AMP CC 48x48 IP54 +-60mV 6000A View
#17TA43210C125TA432 TA D.32mm-40,5x10,5mm 125/1A View
#18AN2L251C8001RQ72T AMP TERMICO 72x72 TR 15' 800/5A View
#19TAXF10D300TAU131P TA CL.5P 120x225mm 3000/1A View
#20AN2M252B7003RQ72TE AMP T-E 72x72 IP54 15' 70/5A E.2In View
#21AN22D2B6003RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54 DIR 60A 2In View
#22AN2211D1604RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54-ANT 1600/1A View
#23AN2215B1504RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 IP54-ANT 15/1A 5In View
#24AN2251C1502RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 TR-ANT 150/5A View
#25AN2252D125RQ72E AMP CA 72x72 1250/5A 2In View
Displaying 1 - 25 of 20,564


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